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Events in August 2014

This is a round-up of the events I attended during August 2014.

DjangoConAU 2013

I'm attending DjangoCon Australia 2013 and, over the weekend, PyCon Australia 2013 in Hobart, Tasmania.

Planning for DrupalDownunder

I'm off to Brisbane later this month for DrupalDownunder (and LCA). This is a quick overview of the things I'm looking forward to.

IE performance problem turns out to be images not found

A quick post describing a performance problem I encountered in Internet Explorer and what it turned out to be.

Progress with Jekyll

I've made a bit of progress hacking on this blog the last few nights...

Edge of the Web 2009

A list of the sessions I plan to attend at the Edge of the Web, 2009.

Haskell FastCGI with Apache

Getting started writing web applications in Haskell is pretty easy with FastCGI.

Django form fields and templates

Determining the type of a form field object from a Django template requires writing a new filter.