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DjangoConAU 2013

I'm attending DjangoCon Australia 2013 and, over the weekend, PyCon Australia 2013 in Hobart, Tasmania.

PyconAU 2012: No, Bad Pony!

Notes from a talk about Django feature requests and why they don't get implemented at Pycon AU 2012.

Providing default settings for Django applications

There doesn't seem to be an official way for a Django application to provide default values for its "custom" settings - you just document them somewhere and hope that the users take note. Here is some proof of concept code to automatically inject an application's defaults into Django's settings.

Adding a distance function to MySQL

This is a quick and rather hackish way to add a "distance" function to MySQL and call it from the Django ORM framework.

Writing view decorators for Django

Using decorators to wrap and modify Django views is quick, easy, composable, and just about the most awesome thing I've seen in a while. It also takes a little bit of figuring out. Here's my explanation...

Django form fields and templates

Determining the type of a form field object from a Django template requires writing a new filter.

Specifying a UNIX socket using MySQL with Django

Configuring Django to connect to MySQL with a socket according to the official documentation works fine (for me), but it breaks the dbshell command (for me). This is how I configured it so that Django works and so does the dbshell command.