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Drupal, Search API and Apache Solr with Homebrew on OS X

This is a short, no-frills guide to installing Apache Solr with homebrew on OS X, then using it with the Search API Drupal modules.

Drupal SEO Functionality

Here's a short blurb about various "SEO-ish" functionality for Drupal I wrote at work a while ago. It's pretty much just tedious wank for decision makers but someone might like it?

Sydney Drupal Meetup, March 2013

My first Drupal meetup since moving to Sydney.

Using git repositories for platform versioning

This is a guide to my current thoughts on using git to maintain and distribute platform releases for Drupal-based projects.

Drupal 7: theming forms with tables

This is a quick guide to using tables for layout of forms in Drupal 7 without being naughty.

Planning for DrupalDownunder

I'm off to Brisbane later this month for DrupalDownunder (and LCA). This is a quick overview of the things I'm looking forward to.

Going Further with Litecal

This article builds on my last by adding additional features to a calendar view based on litecal.

Using Litecal

This is a quick introduction to using the litecal module to display month calendars on Drupal powered web-sites.

In Wellington for LCA2010 and DrupalSouth

I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand for 2010 and DrupalSouth.

Hierarchical Rights in Drupal

There's been a bit of noise about alternatives to the rather limited permissions system in Drupal. Here are a few of my thoughts about one proposal.