Work allocation in Kafka Streams

Here are some high-level notes about work allocation in a Kafka Streams application.

WSET Sake Courses

I've taken the Wine and Spirits Education Trust Level 1 and Level 3 awards in sake this year. Here are some thoughts.

Koshu tasting at Sake Shop

I recently attended a tasting of koshu - aged sake - at Sake Shop in Sydney. Here are some thoughts about the experience.

Surviving behind an enterprise proxy

This is a short guide to techniques for surviving behind an enterprise proxy.

Recent fiction reading

It's been more than two years since my last post about reading. Here's a summary of some of the fiction I've been reading recently.

Social media purge

I've deleted a few social media accounts.

Drinking in early 2018

I've been attending a lot of tastings, classes, etc. over the last year or so. Getting some details down in writing seems like a thing to do.

AMSI Summer School 2018

I've spent the last four weeks attending the 2018 AMSI Summer School in the Mathematical Sciences at Monash Univeristy. Here's a quick run down.

Installing Dionysus on OS X

A quick guide to installing the Dionysus 2 Python module on OS X.

Sydney Festival Concerts

I went to a few concerts as part of the Sydney Festival this year. Here's a quick list and some links.