Edge of the Web 2009

A list of the sessions I plan to attend at the Edge of the Web, 2009. Posted by Thomas Sutton on November 2, 2009

I’m looking forward to attending Edge of the Web 2009. The programme looks pretty interesting, though some of the abstracts are a teensy bit vague.

I’m currently planning to attend the keynote presentations:

And I’ve decided on the following sessions:

That leaves only the Wednesday afternoon session to decided. I’m not much for lawyers or the law, so I’m going to have to choose between:

On Friday I’m going to two of the workshops:

  • Twitter Platform In-Depth – Alex Payne; and
  • JavaScript: beyond the DOM and AJAX – Dmitry Baranovskiy.

In addition to the conference, I’m going to a few of the fringe events:

A busy week.

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