Events in August 2014

This is a round-up of the events I attended during August 2014. Posted by Thomas Sutton on January 2, 2017

It’s the beginning of a new year so I’m cleaning out some files in my drafts directory. This post was started on August 18, 2014.

In an effort to blog more regularly and to post content that is more mine than transcriptions of others, I’ll be writing a regular round-up of the events I attend. To start with, here are a few from the last three weeks.

Australian OpenStack User Group

I’ve recently started working at Anchor Systems and sit next to some of the people working on the new Anchor OpenStack cloud, so I’ve been hearing (and overhearing) quite a bit about OpenStack and OpenStack deployment recently. One of the things that sounded quite interesting is “OpenStack On OpenStack” (or “Triple O”) – which uses an existing OpenStack cloud to bootstrap and manage a new OpenStack cloud. The recent Australian OpenStack User Group at the Anchor Systems offices in Sydney had several talks about Triple O.

Sydney PostgreSQL User Group

I’ve always quite liked PostgreSQL but my current project is my first chance to work with it in a while. The Sydney PostgreSQL User Group meeting last week had a presentation by Venkata B Nagothi from Fujitsu Australia about the changes in the forthcoming PostgreSQL 9.4 release.

Port80 Sydney

I was a regular attendee at Port80 in Perth for years, but haven’t been to Post80 Sydney since I moved here 18 months ago. The meeting last week was hosted at Anchor, so I stuck around after work to eat some pizza and listen to the talk about user experience design.

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