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Using jgit in-memory with local file system repositories

The slight tweak you need to avoid NullPointerException when using jgit InMemoryRepository to fetch from remotes on the local file system.

iiNet NBN VDSL2 with Proscend VSDL2 SFP module

Connecting my home network to a new iiNet NBN services with a Proscend T-180 VSDL2 SFP module.

Surviving behind an enterprise proxy

This is a short guide to techniques for surviving behind an enterprise proxy.

Installing Dionysus on OS X

A quick guide to installing the Dionysus 2 Python module on OS X.

Emacs, Hunspell, Dictionary, and You

Here's how I (finally) got emacs to use hunspell on OS X with the correct dictionary.

Truncating git history

Sometimes you just want to throw away all the early history of a git repository. This is how to do it.

Installing Python 3.5.1 from source

A quick introduction to installing software (like Python) from source on Linux.

Combining git repositories

A quick run down of combining git repositories which do not share history.

Using Let's Encrypt

Here's a quick guide to requesting free certificates with Let's Encrypt and installing them on Nginx.

Drupal, Search API and Apache Solr with Homebrew on OS X

This is a short, no-frills guide to installing Apache Solr with homebrew on OS X, then using it with the Search API Drupal modules.