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Using jgit in-memory with local file system repositories

The slight tweak you need to avoid NullPointerException when using jgit InMemoryRepository to fetch from remotes on the local file system.

Truncating git history

Sometimes you just want to throw away all the early history of a git repository. This is how to do it.

Combining git repositories

A quick run down of combining git repositories which do not share history.

Sydney Continuous Delivery Meetup

The October Continuous Delivery meetup had talks about the continuous delivery practices of the Atlassian Stash team and about automated environment provisioning with CloudFormation and Puppet.

Rewriting git commit authorship

This is a short note about rewriting the history of a git repository to change the commit authorship.

Using git repositories for platform versioning

This is a guide to my current thoughts on using git to maintain and distribute platform releases for Drupal-based projects.