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Logging the locking in SPIP

The rather hackish way I instrumented SPIP to record debugging information about its file locking to a remote syslog server.

Treatments, Typography, and Markdown for SPIP

A quick and rather hackish way to replace SPIP's built-in text markup format with Markdown.

Authorising user actions in SPIP

One of the APIs that many SPIP plug-ins will need to use is `autoriser()` -- the function which determines whether a user should be permitted to perform a given operation. As I couldn't find any document on using this function, here are a few notes.

SPIP tags with multiple aliases

This post describes creating SPIP tags with multiple "names" (like #INCLURE and #INCLUDE) and taking the technique further to implement families of related tags.

Dynamic tags, fake arguments, and AST mangling in SPIP

Sometimes a dynamic SPIP tag (one evaluated at request time) needs details about the template, but this information is not available. This post describes a technique for passing data from the AST into the tag's static and dynamic evaluation functions.

A better way to control attributes in SPIP templates

This post describes a PHP function to replace SPIP's inserer_attribut and extraire_attribut filters with a single jQuery-inspired attr filter.

Creating custom tags for SPIP - Static tags

A short introduction to creating custom template tags in the SPIP content management system.

The SPIP Template Language

A quick introduction to the template language of the SPIP content management system.