Aborting supersede Jenkins builds

How to get Jenkins to abort running builds that are supersede by a later build. Posted by Thomas Sutton on June 30, 2021

Even small teams can find that their continuous integration servers get bogged down with redundant builds. Some developers like to “commit early, commit often” and if they also “open a PR early and leave it sitting there in draft mode” then you can quite easily have multiple builds linting and building and testing code that has already been supersede.

Happily, you can use the Pipeline: Milestone Step plugin to have Jenkins terminate already running builds of the same job. The goal here is straighforward:

My multibranch pipeline build is notified of PR-123. It creates a new job called PR-123 and starts build 1.

I push another commit to the branch. GitHub notifies Jenkins and Jenkins starts PR-123 build 2. I now have two running builds – build 1 and build 2 – but the outcome of build 1 is no longer useful.

Suppose I notice a type and immediately push a fix. This would result in three running builds, two of them useless.

Milestones can be useful in a range of circumstances but I mostly want to take advantage of one feature:

When a build passes a milestone, any older build that passed the previous milestone but not this one is aborted.

If we use the BUILD_ID as the milestone, then we can use this to abort old jobs when a new one starts.

node {
    stage("Prepare") {
        milestone label: '', ordinal: Integer.parseInt(env.BUILD_ID) - 1
        milestone label: '', ordinal: Integer.parseInt(env.BUILD_ID)
        checkout scm
    stage("One") {
        sh """sleep 60"""
    stage("Two") {
        sh """sleep 120"""
        sh """sleep 180"""

Like everything involving Jenkins, there are bound to be heaps of interactions with other features and scenarios where it doesn’t work reliably. Good luck.

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