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In Wellington for LCA2010 and DrupalSouth

I'm currently in Wellington, New Zealand for 2010 and DrupalSouth.

Notes on "Statecharts and Numbats"

This post consists of my notes on the Statecharts and Numbats presentation by Harry McNally at Perth Barcamp 3.0.

Notes on Perth Barcamp 3

Some notes about Barcamp Perth 3.0.

Notes on "Adruino hacking"

Notes from a session on Arduino hacking are Barcamp Perth.

World Blog Awards

Notes from an announcement at Barcamp Perth 2009 about the "World Blog Awards".

Using Rails and Flex

Notes from a talk on Using Rails and Flex at Barcamp Perth 2009.

Starting your own web-business

Notes from a Barcamp Perth 3.0 talk on starting your own web business by Paul Faix.

Model View Controller

Some notes from a Barcamp talk about Model-View-Controller in ASP.Net.

Angel Funding Q & A session

Some questions and answers about angel funding and venture capital for web projects and about Silicon Valley.