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Some ScalaCheck generators fail too much

ScalaCheck comes with generators which will happily try and, with high probability, fail to construct sets.

Testing multiple GHC versions on Travis CI

We're currently in a transition period between GHC releases so it's important to be able to test packages with multiple versions of GHC. Here's the standard approach and what I learned doing it to a package of mine.

FP-Syd, August 2013

The August 2013 meeting of the FP-Syd functional programming group in Sydney heard talks about simulation testing, functional languages targetting Javascript, and SAT solving.

PyCon Australia 2013, Day One

These are my notes from day one of PyCon Australia 2013 in Hobart, Tasmania.

PyconAU 2012: Django Testing

Notes from a talk about testing Django solutions at Pycon AU 2012.