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Posted by Thomas Sutton on April 14, 2006
On Education
On Education

An already noted, I recently purchased Harry Brighouse’s new book On Education and I’ve just now finished reading the first two chapters. These present arguments supporting the propositions that:

  1. We ought to education students to be autonomous (i.e: capable of deciding upon a way of life that suits them; able to follow such a way of life; etc.); and

  2. We ought to educate students so that they are able to engage with the economy, and not to fulfill certain economic needs.

The ease with which I have been able to engage with the material covered in spite of my rather limited knowledge of philosophy (of education, or otherwise) is testament to the clarity of Brighouse’s presentation. If the other books in the series are as interesting (and the certainly appear to be), I’ll have to look into getting some of them.

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