On Just Education?

Posted by Thomas Sutton on April 12, 2006

Justice and On Education, both by Harry Brighouse

My first Harry Brighouse book, Justice, left me with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. While the text is well written, accessible and far from dry; the content is interesting and the design is reasonably attractive, what I have read of it so far (about 60 pages) gives the impression that it has not enjoyed the benefit of a copy editor, or even spell and grammar checked in a word processor. Needless to say, this detracts somewhat from the impression of scholarly rigour.

While Justice was an impulse purchase (motivated by recognition of his name from a blog I read), my buying On Education was a more deliberate selection – motivated not only by my enjoyment of Brighouse’s writing, but a nascent (or emerging, I’m not sure which) interest in education and its philosophy. From a quick flick through, I get the impression that this book will have much higher production values than Justice did and, hopefully, won’t have contain the same evidence of a lack of copy editing.

Along with On Education, I also bought Teachers, students & the law and VectorWorks 10 For Windows & Macintosh, the former because it looked interesting and was cheap, the latter because it was recommended and will come in useful if I wind up teaching technical drawing.

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