Goals: the Motivation of Procrastination

Posted by Thomas Sutton on June 23, 2005

So far, I have:

We’ve now entered the mid-year holiday between the two semesters and I am hoping to get a large amount of my implementation done during the break. On my list of things to do are:

  • define a state monad (to model the saturation of a branch);

  • define a backtracking monad (to model the branching of non-deterministic choices);

  • find a way to compose them (perhaps by deriving a monad transformer);

  • finalise the structure of the logic modules;

  • write a realistic (perhaps even production) parser and code generator for the logics;

  • learn to use hs-plugins to write dynamically loadable modules (and find a way to make logic modules dynamically loadable); and

  • implement some representative test logics (propositional calculus, K, intuitionistic logic, something with transitive frames, etc).

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but the next few weeks are going to be fun. At the end of it, I will (I hope) have a running system to extend and improve and a much greater knowledge of Haskell.

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