Fixing the "Reformat Quoted Text" command in TextMate

How to fix the "Reformat Quoted Text" command in TextMate so that it works on Intel Macs (without installing Rosetta). Posted by Thomas Sutton on November 10, 2010

TextMate is a pretty cool editor (where is 2.0!?!) with good supports for editing a bunch of formats including e-mail-style text documents. Part of this support is a “Reformat Quoted Text” command which uses the par command to wrap text while maintaining line prefixes and suffixes. Alas, the version of the par command that ships with TextMate is for PPC Macs.

This means that to reformat quoted text you must either be using a PPC Mac (ha!), install Rosetta (HA HA HA!), or fix the command. This last is both the easiest and best of these options.

  1. Download the source code of par.

  2. Compile it according to the instructions.

  3. Replace the par executable file in your TextMate Mail.bundle (mine was located in here) with the newly compiled executable.

  4. There is no step four. (Feel free to profit here.)

This post was published on November 10, 2010 and last modified on June 4, 2021. It is tagged with: textmate, intel, mac, commands, architecture, development.