Transactional memory with data invariants (DRAFT)

A few thoughts about a draft paper Transactional memory with data invariants. Posted by Thomas Sutton on April 11, 2006

Transactional memory with data invariants (PDF) by Tim Harris and Simon Peyton Jones. Draft, under submission.

The authors present an extension to a software transactional memory system (GHC with STM support) which automatically checks programmer specified data invariants and rejects transactions which break them. They present a number of examples illustrating the power of the concept:

  • range-limited variables - variables the values of which cannot exceed a certain limit [at the end of a transaction, when the invariants are checked];

  • sorted lists - a list of values that are maintained in ascending order specified as an invariant on individual nodes, or one whole lists; and

  • invariants as guards - where invariants are used as guards on operations (and can block transactions, etc.)

This is yet another really interesting paper about software transactional memory.

[Edit: The final version of the paper has been released and I have posted my comments]

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