The Teaching Begins

Posted by Thomas Sutton on October 2, 2006

The second week of PE2 began with my colleague teacher off ill. This was a little inconvenient, but everything went well with the relief teacher. In the science lesson first up, the students had plenty of work to do on their inquiry projects which are due this Friday, but we could only use the computer lab for the first half of the period. This left some of them with little to do for half a lesson, but on the whole, they were on task and much more settled than they were during the lesson I taught last week.

During the two periods between recess and lunch, we had maths and both classes went quite well. Some of the students got their assignments on perimeter, area, volume and surface area handed in, whilst others will [hopefully] have them finished for my colleague teacher’s return tomorrow. Many of the students that hadn’t finished managed to get it polished off, and all of them worked relatively well, so it was good.

During the final period, I took my first IT class. As the grade tens were attending a whole grade event, I had the ninth grade students from mine and two other classes. As it was a one-off, I took them through a Google Earth my colleague teacher had ready. The students has to locate a number of features ranging from relatively easy (just type it in a Google Earth will find it for you) to more challenging (such as streets in towns Google Earth doesn’t know about). All up I thought that it went pretty well, especially with the potential for disturbance posed by the mixture of three classes together.

After school ended there was a general staff meeting which, while interesting, I have no intention of writing about here.

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