My First Lesson

Posted by Thomas Sutton on September 27, 2006

I taught my first lesson of PE2 in a year ten science class today. Last term they began a physics unit on forces and today, to help review what they learnt last term and introduce some new material, I spent a lesson working with them on the subject of mass, weight, and gravity. I had them use spring balances and sets of weights to measure the force of Earth’s gravity (~9.8 newtons). They then weighted themselves (and/or each other) and calculated the weight of their own mass on other planets.

I think that the lesson could have gone better, but my colleague teacher was fairly happy with it. I would have liked it if they had been more interested in what I thought would be an interesting topic and activity, but they did seem to get what I wanted to teach out of it. The main thing that came out of it for me is that I still need to work on ways to manage students, particularly my voice. I speak and shout (in the “speak loudly” sense, of course) in from my throat and mouth rather than my chest, so talking for longer periods tends to give me a sore throat, never mind having to control a distracted class.

On the planning front, we’ve decided that I’ll need to get my unit on computer hardware for the IT class ready for us to review on Monday before I start teaching it next week. When I’m finished this post, I’m going to go and revise the plans for my Sketch Up unit to include some design theory content and a possible excursion and to fit in the shorter time span I’ll have to teach it.

I might have the opportunity to take part in a professional development activity on anger management tomorrow morning depending on spaces, etc., which will be good (though I’m not sure when I was last ‘angry’).

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