A well-rounded practical experience

Posted by Thomas Sutton on October 30, 2006

I’ve just put in my preferences for my Professional Experience 3 placement next semester. In the interest of a well-rounded set of practical experiences, I’ve requested a placement in either of the senior secondary colleges in Launceston — Launceston College and Newstead College. I did put both down as my first and second preferences for prac. this semester, but didn’t reckon with exams, or whatever else made them decline prac. students (or, maybe, just me). Once I have some senior secondary experience, I’m planning on doing my internship at one of the private schools, hopefully Scotch Oakburn College or the Launceston Church Grammar School.

If everything goes to plan, I’ll have had six weeks in public secondary schools (7-10), four weeks in a public senior secondary school (11-12), and about seven weeks in a private secondary school. I’ll have covered the full secondary age range (12 y.o. to 17 y.o.) from a range of socio-economic backgrounds in both the public and private systems.

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