A Week Accompli

Posted by Thomas Sutton on September 29, 2006

The last day of my first week began with the IT class talking about web-page design and Dreamweaver. The discussion about “the aspects that make a web-page good or bad” did not, in my opinion, go as well as it might have — many questions went unanswered and when they were, the responses tended to be focus more on content than design. Whether this was a result of the natural reticence of adolescents to single themselves out by volunteering the answer to a question or a lack of sophistication in their current understanding of design, usability and aesthetic appeal, I’m not sure.

In the second lesson of the day, the science group continued thinking about gravity. In particular, they looked at the formula for the magnitude of the attraction between two masses and the role both the masses and the distance between them has in determining the force exerted. One thing that I’ll need to bear in mind during future science teaching is the utility of diagrams as a pedagogical device. Getting a student to draw a diagram of a situation and the forces at play really helped explain buoyancy to them.

During the C.A.D. lesson, the group finished off their current project and many of them began looking at SketchUp in anticipation of next week. Judging by their performance today, the next two or three weeks (I’m not sure if this class will be affected by the impending time table change) will be interesting for them and me both. If all goes well, there will soon be a few more objects in the Google 3D Warehouse.

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