Second Annual FP-Syd Coq Fight

Last night was the second annual FP-Syd Coq Fight, the only competitive theorem proving event in the world! Here are some notes and a recording of the final round live stream.

Retcon and dynamic programming talks

I've given two talks in the last week or so: one on Retcon and another on dynamic programming in Haskell. Here are the slides.

My presentations on Speaker Deck

I've just created a Speaker Deck account to host slides from presentations I've given.

Testing multiple GHC versions on Travis CI

We're currently in a transition period between GHC releases so it's important to be able to test packages with multiple versions of GHC. Here's the standard approach and what I learned doing it to a package of mine.

Released some Haskell packages

I finished and released a couple of packages written in Haskell today. Here are a few details about them.

Reading from processes safely in Haskell

The naive approach to invoking a process and reading it's output is not safe. Here's a snippet of code which does this safely.

Multiple JSON encodings in Haskell

Here's a nice "pattern" to work with multiple JSON encodings of the same set of types in a Haskell program.

Haskell at Work

I've recently (in blog years) started a new job at a company which uses Haskell quite extensively. Here are some things we do with it.

Drupal, Search API and Apache Solr with Homebrew on OS X

This is a short, no-frills guide to installing Apache Solr with homebrew on OS X, then using it with the Search API Drupal modules.

Puppet Camp Sydney 2014

I attended Puppet Camp Sydney 2014 last Monday. This is a quick round-up of the sessions.